Jntu Kakinada B.Tech 2-1 (R10) 1st Mid Online bits 2013 Free Download of ece,eee,cse,it,mechanical

Welcome to Jntu9.in/  Recently Jntu Kakinada Released The Notification for  B.tech 2-1 (R10)1st Mid Examinations of ece, eee, cse, it and Mechanical Branches.These Mid Examinations are Conducted In the basis of Online and Offline.In the online examination totally 20 bits are asked in Multiple choices.The Model Online bits of These 2-1 1st Mid Online bits are given below in the Subject Wise.If You Want To Download those online bits Click On The Download Links below.

jntu kakinada b.tech 2-1 r10 1st mid online bits

B.Tech 2-1 (R10) 1st Mid Online Bits in Subject wise

Digital Logic Design

Data Structures

Engineering Mechanics

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electronic Devices and Circuits

Electrical Circuit Analysis-I

Electrical Technology

Electrical Machines-I

Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machinery

Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis

Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science and Engineering

Network Analysis

Probability & Statistics

Probability Theory & Stochastic Processes

Signals & Systems

Thermo Dynamics

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  1. we need EMF R10 bits toooo…

  2. we need T.D,EM,EEfor mech students

  3. mechanical subjects bits pls…….

  4. plz mention the exact 10 bits

  5. are these alll for this december mid??

  6. engineering mechanics bits……….

  7. themodynamics bits toooo…………

  8. pleas post civil engineering online bits

  9. mechanics of materials online bits

  10. plz mention civil engineering bits alsooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  11. civil engineering bits

  12. Please upload engineering mechanics online bits

  13. Plz post civil engineering bits alsooo

  14. we need mechanical online bits of E.m,E.E,T.D

  15. plss post bits for civil subjects alsoooo

  16. need online bits for civil r10

  17. please provide online bits for civil branch for r10 regulation

  18. plzz plzz post civil 2-1 online bits y cant u post civil onlinel bits is deir any reason behind???

  19. pleas post online bits for civil

  20. plz post emf online bits and eca online bits

  21. Sir plsssssssssssss post 2-1 online bits on signals and systems

  22. plzz post em-1 for eee students (electic machines)

  23. plz post civil fm bits

  24. sir emf 2-1 online bits not available plz post

  25. all branches bits are present except civil

    pls post civil bits

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